Pricing Information:

Aesthetician Services:

Signature Facials
All signature facials include your choice of a relaxing and therapeutic foot or hand massage, along with warming mitts or booties to help you drift away.

Hydropeptide TM Specialty Facial  – $65 (75 minutes)
     Calming Recovery 
     Pumpkin Clarifying 
Essential Facial  – $50 (60 minutes)                                                                                                         

Refresher Facial (excluding extractions) - $30 (30 minutes)                                                                                    

Lip Repair $10 (add on)

Specialty Treatments

Non-Surgical Face Lift  – $65 (75 minutes, or 6 sessions for $325)
Poly-Organic Brightening Peel  – $75 (30 minutes, or 6 sessions for $375)
Microdermabrasion  - $55 (45 minutes)
NuFace Microcurrent – $55 (45 minutes)

Customized Tanning Services


Customized Spray Tanning - $20 (30 minutes)

We use an organic color combination which does not stain or clog the skin's pores.  It will deliver a beautiful, natural-     looking tan in minimum time and it lasts 5 to 7 days.  Please avoid lotions or oils and shave or exfoliate prior to service.

Steam Therapy

Relax and Unwind  – $25
Farmhouse Fresh (FHF) Honey Lavender Body Scrub plus steam  – $50
Farmhouse Fresh (FHF) Bourbon Bubbler Body Scrub plus steam – $50
Ultra Detox (Ayurvedic Mud) plus steam – $60 ​​                                                                                                       

Makeup Services


Award Winning Make-up Artist  – $25 ($50 Bridal)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Massage Service

Body treatment etiquette: All clients are discreetly draped and covered throughout body treatments.

Therapeutic Massage – $50 (60 minutes) ​ Our therapeutic massage is primarily focused on the issues and concerns you are experiencing to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.  Snoring is optional.

Express Massage - $30 (30 minutes)
     Focusing on head, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage $70 (60 minutes)
     Experience the sensation of smooth stones and massage while enhancing balance and harmony. 

Deep Tissue/Bodywork Massage – $60 (60 minutes)
     Boundaries of energy and structure working in relationship with body, mind, and spirit.

​Pregnancy Massage - $60 (50 minutes)
     A balancing massage using contoured support which allows for a relaxing full body massage.  Clients must be in their 2nd      trimester or later.

Couples' Massage - $120 (60 minutes)
     A delightful day for the two of you.  Experience deep relaxation with an amazing blend of essential oils.

 Facial Massage - $5 ( Add-on service to any massage)

Foot Detox

Foot Detox - $35 or $20 as an add-on service.

This Ionic Cleanse Detox is a high-tech water detoxification system that cleanses, balances, and enhances bio-energy, a vital force present in the bodies fluids.

Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin Treatment - $20 or $10 as an add-on service

Enjoy the delightful hydrating benefits of paraffin while your left with pampered and soft skin.


Want to treat your bridesmaids, enjoy time with Mom, sisters and friends, or just a "thank you." BLUSH naturally is a great venue for your next event. We suggest that once you have chosen the desired date and time, you make your appointment as soon as possible.


Yoga Classes - $50 per month (unlimited classes) or $10 per class.

We offer classes for all levels. We advocate a course of physical and mental disciplines, especially a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body, mind, tranquility, and spirit.

     Class Schedule

     Monday 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm

       Wednesday 6:30 am to 7:30 am

       Wednesday 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm

ACH payment available.



*Payment due upon receipt of service